ANNUAL REPORT 2023-2024

  On behalf of TRM School Churu Management, I am indeed honoured to have this opportunity to present before you a consistent upward graph of our school’s achievements and I would like to thank each one of you for being a significant part of this glorious journey. The Annual Report showcases the achievements and glories of our school undoubtedly but also makes us think deeply about our shortcomings. We have always been committed to creating an environment in the school which helps young minds blossom and provides a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child’s personality. We set standards and goals for ourselves and strive to achieve them – be it in the area of academics, sports, discipline, leadership and more. ACADEMICS “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great” The year 2023 commenced on a wonderful note when the results of our 10th class CBSE Board Examination came out. We are happy to share the details of the commendable performances of our students. 100% result with all first divisions. A total of 31 students appeared and 17 got more than 70% marks with distinction in various subjects. Master Lakshya Thalor was the topper of class 10th with 93.20%.TRM English Medium CBSE School class 10th results of the past were also very dynamic Astha Sharma 95.60% Saniya Khan 95.60% Akshit Dhaka 93.40% the school proves without any doubt that our students made us proud. None of these achievements would have been possible without the single-minded commitment and dedicated care of our teachers. We are also constantly encouraged by parents and well-wishers who have shown much confidence and given their fullest support. I wish to acknowledge the efforts and guidance of our management as their collaboration and contributions have made a difference we are especially thanks to our school chairman sir Mr.Rajveer Singh Dhayal for his guidance. We are still not satisfied with this result. We are aiming for the No. 1 slot and have adopted various measures to achieve our goal. Extra coaching classes for the Board examinees, regular weekly tests and special counselling sessions for children are some of these steps. SPORTS “To be a great champion you must believe you are the best, if you are not; keep on trying.” Sports competitions inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead. Sports, games and physical fitness occupy a place of importance in our curriculum. Our students participated in different sports competitions and won medals, certificates and trophies. SCHOOL HOUSES “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from unity” The students of the school are divided into 4 different houses Tagore, Raman, Maharana and Sivaji. Each house is managed by House Masters, Associate House Masters, House Captain and House Prefects. The house on duty performs its duty of conducting the day-to-day activities, and competitions in a systematic and disciplined manner. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” Various Co-Curricular Activities are held to develop a child physically, morally, socially and mentally and to hone skills in scholastic areas, regular Inter House Activities were held in which the students participated and display their calibre. Staff Development The TRM family consist of well-trained, experienced and dedicated teaching staff, administrative staff and supporting staff. Staying updated is the key to success in any field especially in the field of education. Our teachers including our entire management constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshops and various training programs. Infrastructure We have upgraded our infrastructure facilities including our computer lab, science labs and library. Currently, we have a science lab, Computer lab with internet facilities and a fully equipped library, TT court, and shooting range. Under the smart class project, we have converted our all classes into digitally smart classes and this year we have introduced some or more smart panels also. Many milestones have been achieved and many still have to be reached. We at TRM Public School Binasar Churu will continue our unceasing efforts to mould the young minds into well-balanced personalities with confidence and zeal befitting the standards of this portal of education. This report is a sincere attempt to showcase our progress in terms of achievements and activities during the year. On this memorable occasion as we recount our success with pride and happiness, we wish to dedicate all our achievements to the committed effort of a committed team called TULSA RAM MEMORIAL Public School (TRM Public School Binasar Churu) managed by Indian Public School Sansthan Churu. In the last, I would like to conclude with the lines, “Don’t tell us the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon”!.Best TRM CBSE English Medium School in Churu.



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